Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google AdWords really ADD UP.

From the discussions we had last week on the feedback from our business owner, the AdWords campaign had a huge impact on web traffic. We are currently reviewing the data for our final paper, but I can tell you a few highlights. Overall web traffic increased by more than 30% and the majority of web hits were from search engines, mainly Google. Our client did get a few calls and they were driven by our Ads. Right away it is easy too see that this small investment paid off, however if more time was put into further developing the campaign I believe the ROI would be significant. The Google Online Marketing Challenge is not over by any means, we have to complete our final paper and wait for the judges to decide both regional winners and the global winner. We will keep you posted until the end. May the Clicks be with you!!! (okay that was lame)

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