Sunday, May 4, 2008

Writing Effective AdWord Campaigns

This was by far not an easy task, ad campaigns for web advertising require a different approach. With limited space and only seconds to get your customer to connect (CTR), web ads have to convey the message fast. Most of us are willing to sit through a thirty second commercial during the Super Bowl but may feel less likely to waste time during a specific internet search. The Google challenge is forcing the teams to not only be clever and creative in writing ad copies, but also narrow the search parameters and develop excellent content on the landing page. This does not take away from the fun of the whole Google AdWords experience. I find myself checking ad campaign performance multiple times on a daily basis. This makes me read and understand much more about AdWords and less like to just spend the bank in hopes of gaining increasing click averages. Stay with this blog as we continue to share how AdWords really works!

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